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R8 To Be Built Alongside E-Tron GT

If anyone has been wondering what's the next evolution for the R8... this post should make it very clear, along with how Audi is setting the benchmark for its e-Tron GT.


"Audi has revealed that its upcoming e-Tron GT will be manufactured alongside the R8 at Audi Sport’s production facilities at Böllinger Höfe, Germany from late 2020.

The German car manufacturer is in the middle of upgrading the site to accommodate the electric sports car. Approximately 10,000 square meters (107,639 square feet) of floor space is being added with the expanded site set to offer additional logistics halls, a larger body shop and new assembly areas.

Whereas the body shop used for the Audi R8 uses a mixture of robots and skilled technicians, the e-Tron GT body shop will be highly automated. New conveyor systems are being installed by Audi and the electric vehicle’s body shop will also include an electrified monorail system.

“Since the Böllinger Höfe was already created in the design phase as a small-series production facility with innovative and flexible production processes, that gives us the ideal conditions to produce the e-tron GT alongside the Audi R8,” production manager Wolfgang Schanz said. “Here a unique combination of craftsmanship and smart factory is coming to life.”

Audi unveiled the e-tron GT in concept form at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show and the car is tipped to reach production by the end of 2020. While that’s still some time away, the striking looks of the car and its promised performance should be enough to convince customers it is worth the wait.

The e-tron GT concept was outfitted with a pair of electric motors pumping out 582 hp receiving their juice from a sizeable battery pack offering up a claimed range exceeding 248 miles (400 km).

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