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  1. e-tron Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hi All, I thought that I'd share what happened with our 2021 etron that caused it to get towed to the dealership via Audi Roadside. Techs could find no issue, got the car back today after 12 days. FWIW I've had the car for a few months and it's been absolutely issue free and fantastic. On...
  2. e-tron Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hi, I’m in the UK and got an Etron 50 in July 2020. I’ve regularly used the (flawed) timer feature to charge the car over night on a cheaper tariff. A few weeks back it has started to throw low battery errors (not main drive battery, the traditional 12v battery that runs the car’s generic Audi...
1-2 of 2 Results