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  1. Charging And Batteries
    Hey folks, I recently had a NEMA 14-50r socket installed beneath my breaker panel in the garage and it's on a 50 amp breaker. Despite this, the e-Tron universal charger is still only showing 50% (20 amps) and charges at 4.4 kw, the same performance I was getting from my 30 amp dryer outlet...
  2. Exterior and Interior
    Has anyone else noticed a movable turny (for lack of a better sword) switch just on the other side of the wipe blade wand activator? Tried turning it and nothing happens... In my 2022 e-tron sportback. Very strange!
  3. Audi e-tron Pictures
    Well, we're now proud owners of a 2022 premium+ e-tron in Mythos Black with the Black Optic package. It's a stunning vehicle. This will be replacing my wife's 2014 Sequoia Platinum. Don't have any glamour shots yet. Took ownership on 1/3, clearbra installed on 1/5, and haven't driven much...
1-3 of 3 Results