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  1. Audi E-Tron GT General Discussion Forum
    So, I took delivery of my E-Tron GT back in November '21. However since around June/July Ive been having intermittent issues with the rear spoiler deployment malfunctioning when I drive above 65mph. Has anyone else had this problem? I contacted Audi today to get it booked in and shockingly the...
  2. Audi E-Tron GT General Discussion Forum
    New owner of e-tron gt in CA. My old car suddenly broken so I purchased the premium plus one in a hurry. After driving 1 month, I found the speaker(normal Audi sound system) is really bad. Audi do not have the speaker upgrade service. Is there any suggestions for upgrading the speaker? Many...
  3. Audi E-Tron GT General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone. I have a question Im hoping someone can address for me. Does anyone know if the rear light animation for Etron GT comes as part of the comfort and sound pack option? I know the C+S pack adds the matrix dynamic light sequencing to the front headlights, but there is no mention...
  4. Audi E-Tron GT General Discussion Forum
    An e-tron GT 4-door was recently spotted driving on a highway with Porsche Taycan Wheels. The wheels aren't going to be available on the GT obviously but it shows how connected the 2 cars are going to be when the e-tron GT gets released.
  5. Audi E-Tron GT General Discussion Forum
    CarBuzz wrote a solid article that covers the 9 things that we should know about the Audi e-tron GT. 1. Power and Performance: 590 HP & 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Audi is capping its power from the dual-motor setup to...
  6. Audi E-Tron GT General Discussion Forum
    Audi shared some information on their website about the e-tron GT's electric platform, the J1 architecture. The e-tron GT's will have an 800 volt system like the Porsche Taycan. It'll have two-motors like the Taycan and will produce 582 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque. It is estimated to...
1-6 of 6 Results