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  1. Charging And Batteries
    Anyone else having issues charging at EA station with the BTC Power Chargers? I had this issue at the Anaheim Hills Canyon EA station as well as the Carson Target EA stations. Spent 1.5 hours on the phone each time without any resolution. Got Proximity Error2. The agent asked me to pull up on...
  2. Charging And Batteries
    I am a new owner, I picked up my 2022 etron SUV last month. But when I am out and using Electrify America and Chargepoint fast chargers I have run into issues. I go through a process of locking/unlocking the car. Pushing the button. Struggling to get the cable to release. Anyone else have...
  3. Audi e-tron General Discussion Forum
    Did 400 miles (200 miles each way) trip from New York to Binghamton, NY Had to borrow a gas car to do it There is just one (!!!) 50 KW charger in 150 miles on the way from Binghamton to NY It has only one working stall and it is very often busy Quite a few Tesla superchargers around that area...
  4. Charging And Batteries
    Electrify America just sent this out. They will be waiving subscription fees for existing Electrify America Pass+ members as a response to the Coronavirus outbreak. The fees for existing electrify Canada Pass+ members will also be waived until further notice.
1-4 of 4 Results