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  1. Charging And Batteries
    I have tried a few times to create an Electrify Canada account using their app but I can't get past the privacy acceptance page. I also couldn't sign up on their webpage for updates. Audi gives two years free use of Electrify Canada charging. How can I use their stations to make use of this...
  2. New Member Introductions
    For those new to e-tron (including myself), I found that new e-tron owners can get 2 years of free 30-minute DC-fast charging at Electrify Canada (only Canada!) charging with your new e-tron. If you bought a used e-tron, but the plan wasn't activated from the prior buyer(s), you still might be...
  3. Charging And Batteries
    Electrify America just sent this out. They will be waiving subscription fees for existing Electrify America Pass+ members as a response to the Coronavirus outbreak. The fees for existing electrify Canada Pass+ members will also be waived until further notice.
1-3 of 3 Results