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  1. Audi e-tron General Discussion Forum
    I have an Etron 55 2020 which I brought last August. Initially I was able to get the maximum mileage of 240 on a full charge. I follow the guidelines and only charge to max when needed for a long journey and usually only charge to 80%. However I am shocked by the drop off in charging levels...
  2. Audi e-tron General Discussion Forum
    I'm in a "brain explode" mode right now.. Test drove the Taycan RWD and the eTron GT and the following are my observations: Taycan 1. Pick up is phenomenal 2. Interior is Porsche style all through eTron GT (Not the RS) - Equivalent 4S Taycan 1. Pick up seemed to happen in stages (unlike...
1-2 of 2 Results