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  1. E-Tron Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Has anyone else had an issue where the night vision sometimes works but other times it doesnt. The night vision only works about 10% of the time and it gives an warning daily that there is a problem engaging the night vision.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I’ve ordered an E Tron that is coming in November. I’m fortunate where I’ve got it through work for £150 salary sacrifice per month and £0 BIK (for now!) It’s a sport but with no extras. One of my colleagues got his 6 months ago and they’ve mentioned mine has updates to it as it’s...
  3. E-Tron Complaints, Issues And Problems
    I did the recall/software update on my 2019 etron today and I noticed two changes. The regen brake setting (left paddle) no longer holds if you touch the brakes or accelerator. Previously I could set it to level 2 and drive around the city with auto regen whenever I would coast. Now it resets...
  4. E-Tron Complaints, Issues And Problems
    I am a new e-tron owner, 2 months now. I have programmed my e-tron with my preferred charging % and charging times at my home location in my advanced settings. I assumed the car was asking to set this up, because logically it would wait till those cheap charging hour to charge to my goal. When I...
1-4 of 4 Results