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Hi, I’m in the UK and got an Etron 50 in July 2020. I’ve regularly used the (flawed) timer feature to charge the car over night on a cheaper tariff. A few weeks back it has started to throw low battery errors (not main drive battery, the traditional 12v battery that runs the car’s generic Audi systems). After a few days the car was dead, despite having an 80pc charge in the main batteries. It’s been back to Audi who can’t find a fault. I have a 7kw Pod-Point charger and have managed to replicate the error.

So, say I connect the car to the charger at 5pm with the timer activated to charge not before 12.30am, it will immediately start discharging the 12v car battery. Even when the car starts charging, it will not charge the 12v battery.

I am going to speak to Pod-Point today but can’t see anybody else reporting this issue. Probably not many UK etron drivers, with a Pod Point using the timer feature but I wanted to get this on record in case anyone else has similar issues.

Does anybody know how the 12v battery is charged? Obvisously, not via an alternator so either via the wall charger or via the main battery whilst driving I presume.
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