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2021 Audi E-Tron And E-Tron Sportback Gain New Entry-Level Trim, Cost Nearly $9,000 Less Than Before

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Changes are coming to both E-Tron models that will make them even more competitive.

2021+ E-Tron Spec Sheets:

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They didn't really cut the price much, if any.

By introducing a lower trim level and comparing prices to
the 2019 model introduction price rather than the current price with the
driver assist package deleted, they generated a ton of press touting
the large price cut, when in reality for most people, the price has
maybe dropped a little bit and the equipment upgraded a little bit. I
predict that when dealers get these on the lots, there will be 10 plus
and prestige cars for every premium (AKA base) car.
The main thing seems to be the introduction of the Premium trim level, which looks broadly equivalent to Technik trim find in Europe. This finds favour with business users as it has all the niceties you would expect without the expensive luxuries. It's all packaged up with the 55 battery which gives decent enough range. I'm very happy with my Technik.
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