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Hello everyone,

First time posting here. I want to do so because it's difficult to find any information on how to install a UTR on a 2023 US, left-side driver, Etron premium plus. Like most, I was able to find instructions, PDFs, videos, and forums that were for older cars, other models, or different dash cameras. I called my dealer like most and was quoted $1k+ for installation due to the amount of work that needs to be completed. Seeing as that was not a realistic option I opted to do it myself. To preface, I'm just an average Joe meaning there's no major knowledge needed to do this yourself. The installation took me 3 - 3.5 hours by myself and there's no tapping into fuses or needing to ground wires. I'll try to simplify this guide as much as possible using some photos from other postings since I decided to write after everything was completed and put back together.
Oh, and I would like to say, yes I know there are other cheaper and easier options for dash cams so please if you feel inclined to tell me or others save it for another forum.

I purchased camera #4G0.063.511.F and harness #4G0.063.511.K which is going to replace the one that comes with the camera.
FYI this harness you're purchasing is going to say it's for an Audi Q3 and other car types but you can ignore that

Let's go:
I started working from the trunk of the car moving towards the front. For me, starting in the back was the hardest part due to many panels that need to be taken off. I took my time to understand what needs to come off first and where the clips are to make sure I didn't break anything.

Remove this covering from the trunk. It's quite tricky to put it back on later.


Remove this piece (I only popped the first few clips out and didn't want to fully remove it. It looked difficult to put back and frankly, there was enough room for what I needed to do.


I then measured and set the camera to ensure that I have enough wire length. At this point, I could start tucking it away as I move for forward.
I used this guide from: 4G0063511K-Front-and-Rear-UTR-Instructions.pdf ( PAGE 19 Seen below.

Line Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot

Ok, the camera is set. You'll need to run your cable through this to feed it into the car. This can be difficult, the wires inside are thin so be careful on how to decide to pull your cable thru. I used a tie strap which I taped the cable to and fed it through. Again Take your time here, it will get caught in the rubber groves.
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design

These side fenders unfortunately need to be popped out. I didn't fully remove them because you can access enough space to feed the cable thru and snap everything back in. There is a screw behind the seat release lever. Remove that. As a tip, when you're finished placing the wire and everything looks good, pop your plastic covers back in place while you still remember how to assemble it. Don't wait till the end!!

Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Trunk

Right above the back side window, your rearview camera and the cable that you will run to the front of the car will meet, connect them and place one of the foam pieces around them so there's no noise when the car shakes.

Now you have to make a decision. Do you want to run the cable along the roof to the front or do you want to run the cables along some of the roof and tuck the wire behind panels?
I chose to partially tuck into the roof and do down the door, up, and along the side of the airbag. (In green)
Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Hood Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

To follow this route you're going to have to remove some plastics by the seat belt. Some can be pried open a little and you can tuck the wire in with little to no effort others its hard. Most of it can be hidden behind the rubber molding. Make sure that's back in place when done to not allow water into the car.
Run the cable up to the frame. Remove the airbag screw cover and use an allen key to remove the screw inside.

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Vehicle

Now run the cable along the green path. Do not cover the airbag. I tied the cable along the thick tube that runs up the pillar to not interfere in any way.
Now you're at the headliner. I did not want to mess with this too much to cause damage. There's enough space for you to simply tuck the wire away all the way to the mirror.
Hopefully, by this point, you did not run out of cable (you shouldn't have). On the mirror, you're going to remove these three plastic housings, to access two connection poins.

The connection points:
Electrical wiring Cable Electronic engineering Gas Computer hardware

This is where we are going to connect for power. These wires are already grounded so no need for you to worry. Remove the two wires shown in the above photo (the small one on top pulls straight out). The harness that you purchased is going to come in play here. After removing the wires(Red & Green), match the piece that was pulled out with the ones on the harness (Male/ Female) and plug that in. You will see that at the other end of the harness you can connect the cable you removed from the car into it (Yellow & Blue). Now at this point you should have one black cable from the harness(orange) that will connect to the cable you ran from the back of the car to the front. Connect and done. Turn the car on and you should have power going to the mirror (Verify by seeing the compass on) and the camera, you should hear a chime and a red light flashing. You are now ready to mount to the windshield. As for the location on the camera its pretty much your choice. When viewing the camera from live mode you can see what location works best for you.

Pliers Diagonal pliers Wire stripper Audio equipment Font

Bundle up the harness wires and put one of the provided foam tubes around the plactic connectors to prevent any noise when driving. Bundle up the remaining wire from the cable that your ran from the trunk. Re-attach the mirror plastics but before you put the large housing, hide all the wires within it and snap back in place. Assemble all the plastics and you're done!!
Material property Font Metal Fashion accessory Titanium

Hope this helps!!


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Sorry, missed two photos.
The blue circle "Remove this covering from the trunk. It's quite tricky to put it back on later. "
The red circle "Remove this piece (I only popped the first few clips out and didn't want to fully remove it. It looked difficult to put back and frankly, there was enough room for what I needed to do. "
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Trunk

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Thank you for this! I am half way through and realized I have the harness for the e-tron (4G0-063-511-T) not the A3 so will have to wait until it arrives to finish. A couple of questions: Why did you choose to go under the drivers door as opposed to all the way across the roof? Also, I realized I just put the rear camera directly on the rear window rather than using the anti glare film, do you think that matters? Lastly, how do you like the camera so far?

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I chose to go down and back up due to the length of the cable. I could have gone above the door and around the headliner but there would be no place to store the excess cable and I don't want to mess with the headliner to much.
I don’t think it will be a problem if you didn’t use the anti-glare. All it does is black out the 3m tape so you don’t see it through the window. If that doesn't bother you then you should be fine. If is does, use a hairdryer to soften of the tape and peel if off and reapply.

As of now, I do like the functionality of the camera. Starting and stopping as needed, recording people as they walk by or if someone bumps into the car when parked. The only thing I dislike is the UTR app. It crashes when trying to connect and it could be difficult to find the file you’re looking for. It has also blended in well with the car and is serving its purpose.
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