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'22 e-tron GT leases - keeping or trading in?

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I'm two-thirds of the way into my 3-year lease with just over a year left (August '21 delivery). Are others who may be leasing thinking about keeping or turning it in at lease-end? I'll only be at 25k or so mileage when my lease is up.

I really love the car aside from the half-dozen or so electrical quirks and recalls, but am undecided if I want to keep it long-term. In the usual Audi ways, I don't see any new or exciting changes coming to the GT in the next year or so, so maybe it's time to try something else.

I also just had to replace the tires at just under 15k miles, which was expected.

Any thoughts?
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There speaks a true pessimist.

Anything can go wrong with any product. Although expensive, batteries appear to be one of the most reliable parts of modern cars. There are still plenty of 10 - 13 year old Tesla's driving around and I doubt that many have been fitted with new batteries.

And remember, 13 years ago when they were built, the technology was in many ways in it's infancy.

Regarding guarantees, they are pretty much the same world-wide.
I am a realist. And speak from personsal experience.

I had a battery failure in my Panamera PHEV midway through the sixth year of ownership. With ~65k miles on the clock.
It took nine months for Porsche to approve and complete the repair.
The total cost of the repair exceeded the car's value. But Porsche were bound and determined to not buy the car back, thus ensuring a miserable experience for me and everyone else involved.

I do not believe that hope is a valid strategy.
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