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I will give you all my problems that I experienced exactly in 1 year after buying AUDI RS etron GT (full loaded exept night wision and ceramic brakes)

In one year I experienced a change of passenger seat because it creaked .. replacement of the first right light ... one part of the air conditioning was defective, which disabled then connected to the Android app (although I was told for 3 months that the problem is in the Android app and I could not warm up the car before entering in winter for kids) ... a lot of times a sudden announcement that the driving assistants have stopped working (and I have the whole family in the car) and these announcements confuse you so much that you would crash twice soon ... that the tires come off for better contact at the doors (man who usualy wash my car warrn me a lot of times) .. and that when you bring the car out of the car wash and open the crate everything flows inside (also on this that this is unusual for that kind of car) ... squeaking when the rear tailgate opens ... that the door opening sensor with the foot doesn't always work (if you're lucky) ... when you spray the windshield with water always flows water to the driver's side window (very annoying and dangers because then you have bad view on mirror back) ... when you talk on the phone while driving through BT one such annoying sound appears (a lot of times you must stop talking and call again) .. but not while listening to music .. they said it was a microphonia with my phone. .we tried 3 phones and still the same problem ... they opened and looked .. now there are still some cracks in that part while driving ... I had to take it to 4x + for service, because the AUDI MMI application was never completely updated, it always reported one error at the end of the update .. The navigation was never updated either till end. .. 3x visit ... every time you unbuckle your seat belt and get out of the car the metal pin hits the post so that it is already quite healthy (they say let me write and they will take this into account) ... there are also some errors for which they know and they don't have a solution for them yet .. they told me directly ... I also drive my family in the car :( ... the car was 178K € 1 year ago and then full of discount equipment except ceramic and night vision .. but since it was a group purchase the car ended up being € 148K ... after one year I was offered / Audi to buy back € 125K ..... they take almost 30+ days (when the car was on service... I told them that they should count those day for longer warranty .. but Audi told them that this is not possible... ) in this first year when car was at service... I have driven all Audi electric cars during this time... but on my unluck not mine I have buy it and pay it a lot...

They told me that must connect car to computer and then from Germany they connect on it... at Audi Gemany should RED light start blinking in whole factory so much time my car was connected to that computer...

also this:
When driving in Dynamic or Economy mode the car is at a certain higher altitude ... and when you park so you have the front over the curb it's ok ... When you turn off the car and then you turn it ON again, but the car always goes into Comfort mode, which is lower than the previous two, which means that when you start, you slide down the curb with the front spoiler ...
I've heard this happens with other Audi models (the guy from Audi service told me this) ... how can it be said that the car would stay in the same mode when it was started when you turned it off ... for example in Dynamic mode ... The owner should have the last word in which mode will drive... even after it turn of the car mode should tsay the same...

They offered me fist service for free...

what will you say to all these problems .... :(
I get AUDI RS etron GT Monday or Friday EDITION :(

best regards to all
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