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2022 e-tron Sportback
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The app appears to have been doing awful things like this since 2019. My brand new 2022 e-tron app stopped working on day 2 of ownership and was completely unreliable for using my EA charging credit, pre-climate, lock/un-lock, location services, etc...

My car sat in service for an entire week and the dealer and even contacting Audi could do nothing. The Service Advisor told me Audi customers have been complaining to Audi for years and years and they just either refuse to fix connected services or cannot.

I gave up after 6 weeks of app and in car connection issues and went back to BMW (all electric i4 M50).

I took delivery of my i4 M50 on 16 April 2022 and to date the BMW app has worked every single time, even up in our canyon with little to no cell service. If I check my app and I am very, very far away...the app connects immediately. EVERY remote command I have sent to my new i4 works in seconds.

Shame on Audi!!! I mean even the crappy Jaguar I-Pace app works more than Audi!
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