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50$ a month for WiFi ... I do not think so. You can just use your phone with the same effect ...
I think that the wifi hotspot is $13 more a month than the Prime subscription that gives you all the other features. Unlike the 2019 MY, the Prime and Plus subscriptions are not 'additive'--it's one or the other. In other words the "Plus" includes everything that is in the "Prime", as well as the wifi hotspot, so in essence, with the Plus you pay $13 more to include the wifi hotspot.
Glad to see this in the flesh. Audi customer support couldn’t produce it nor can they tell you the expected speeds on the Prime vs Plus plans.
May or may not have gotten into a heated conversation.
What irks me most is we’re locked in and it’s what $20 from Verizon direct.
Compared with 2019 and A&T, this moves more stuff into the Prime level, but you are correct--what is "basic internet" service, compared with the full speed internet service?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts