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Audi e-Tron Range

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Rated at an EPA-estimated 204 miles, the e-Tron's range isn't here to impress you with numbers but instead with design focused around "daily usability," as Audi puts it.

Anyone familiar with the mid-size electric SUV segment will tell you the e-Tron gets the lowest range of all. For comparison its breaks down to; 295 miles in the Tesla Model X, 234 miles in the Jaguar I-Pace and 230 in the Mercedes EQC. All released ahead of the e-Tron's arrival. As you begin to consider the more important aspects of owning a new electric vehicle and read into concerns surrounding them, the e-Tron's "battery engineered for repeatable performance, longevity and peak charging power" starts to hold precedence over the rest.

It begins with the e-Tron's battery pack that's not only one of the smallest but has an efficiency rating at 2.44 miles/kWh, lower than all mentioned, but ensures its "built for everyday use," throttled at 83.6 kWh/88%. A "revolutionary cooling system" as reported further builds on its livability angle. Impressive charging speeds make up for the decrease in range, that with a 150 kW charger gets you around 54 miles in 10 minutes, and 163 miles in 30 minutes.

Come time to charge you can install a Level 2 charger at home and/or depend on Electrify America’s rapidly growing network of fast-charging stations. Free for e-Tron owners is around 2,000 miles of range from this network, available for the first four years of ownership and easy to find thanks to Audi's MMI system. This essentially removes all possible range anxiety with an intuitive system that monitors your range, suggests station locations and more that creates an experience Audi refer's to as range tranquility, explained in the video below.

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Seems very odd to me that Audi didn't look to any weight saving solutions on the E-Tron. Even Jaguar went to all aluminum for the I-Pace and it seems counter intuitive to build an EV out of heavy materials considering the added weight of the battery pack. Surely this had an impact on its average range.
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