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Audi e-Tron Recall: HV Battery Charging Socket (fire risk)

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Audi issued a voluntary recall based around a fire risk in the e-Tron. 540 e-Tron's are part of it and so far no fires happened yet. Lets hope it stays that way!


Recall Information from Audi USA:
Jun 07, 2019


A potentially faulty seal may allow moisture to enter the high-voltage (HV) battery through the wiring between the HV battery charging socket and the high-voltage electronics. If this happens, the instrument cluster will display the message "Electrical system: fault." and a warning will appear in the instrument panel. If moisture enters the high-voltage battery, there is a risk of a short circuit leading to a fire in the high-voltage system.


Repair is not available at this time.

Recall Information from a Bloomberg Report:
Audi Recalls First Electric Vehicle in U.S. on Battery Fire Risk
Volkswagen AG luxury brand Audi is recalling its first all-electric vehicle due to the risk of a battery fire.

The company issued a voluntary recall of approximately 540 E-Tron SUV models sold in the U.S. because of a risk that moisture can seep into the battery cell through a wiring harness glitch, spokesman Mark Dahncke said. The company isn’t aware of any fires or injuries because of the flaw, which affects a total of 1,644 models, he said.

The E-Tron, which went on sale in the U.S. in April, is Audi’s first fully-electric car and one in a wave of contenders from traditional automakers looking to challenge Tesla Inc.’s dominance of the segment. While electric vehicles are no more prone to accidents or fires than gasoline-powered cars -- and might be less so, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration -- the lithium-ion battery technology that powers them is still evolving, and there is no consensus on safe system design.

Audi said there have been five instances globally where a battery fault light turned on because of the moisture issue. It began contacting E-Tron owners in the U.S. last week, prior to a warning from federal safety regulators, and should have a repair available by August.

“We are applying an abundance of caution as no such incidents have been reported globally,” the company said in a statement.

Audi said it’s offering E-Tron owners loaner vehicles and an $800 cash card to cover gas or incidentals during the recall period, as well as free roadside assistance. There are still E-Trons unaffected by the recall available for sale, it said.
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Fires are all too common in electric cars. Just glad I live in a condo and not a house. Rather not wake up to my garage engulfed in flames.
Fires are all too common in electric cars. Just glad I live in a condo and not a house. Rather not wake up to my garage engulfed in flames.
Someone rang us from VW and told us about this, I asked some questions, really the only case they have seen it is when you are charging and it is very wet, so if you don't charge outside or live somewhere pretty dry than this is very unlikely to happen.
I.e. Charge port is open and water works it's way down one of the prongs. I'm also probably guessing it's probably not their charger and maybe an after market one as (I hope) they would tested this with theirs?
I fell in love with my e-tron the moment I saw it. Audi makes the best interiors in the industry, and the Galaxy Blue with the turbine wheels gets A LOT of positive comments from people of all ages. I wish I could make the air suspension even stiffer for spirited driving, but that's a minor gripe. The big problem is that my car was affected by the charging seal recall (93E8 in the US) which means it was down for 13 weeks (!) starting just 10 days after I bought it. And all that time Audi of America was making ridiculous statements that made me feel like they were giving me the finger. Did anyone else get affected by the recall, and, if so, what was your experience with it? If you were affected, did you decide to keep driving it? And if you did, did you realize that you were taking on ALL the liability if it would catch fire while you were driving it. Did that happen to anyone? I hope not, but if it had, you can bet Audi would have said "Too bad, we told you about the recall, and you still chose to drive your car, so the liability is all yours." I would have loved to drive my beautiful brand-new car too, but I wasn't going to take on that liability.
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I’m from England. Had to sign a disclaimer when taking delivery of the car in August. Drove it without any problems. Recall happened last month, and while replacing the seal the whole charging mechanism stopped working, so had to be replaced!
Still waiting for the wing mirror dimming issue to be sorted.
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