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Hey folks

Ordered some aftermarket wheels, which I know the stock lugs aren't going to fit. Diameter of the head on the OEM bolts is too big. Knowing that, there are two solutions, one is the smaller diameter tuner lug bolts, another is the wheel stud conversion kit.

In fact, I am going to order a set of stud conversion now because the bolts are becoming a pain to use without a pin.
I also did some study of them. There are several advantages:

1.They offer an easy way to align the wheel when mounting;
2.They allow for the safe use of different thickness wheel spacers;
3.It is compatible with both ball and conical seat lug nuts, which is suitable for most factory or aftermarket wheels.
(Quoted from: Why use Wheel Stud Conversion Kit instead of Wheel Bolts?)

P.S. These pics comes from Webs, I should post my tuning photos in the next post.
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