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Audi should reconsider the E-Tron's price point

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So its now been confirmed by a couple different sources that Audi's upcoming electric SUV will start at above $100k. I think that's going to be a tough sell for consumers when there are so many cheaper alternative options already on the market. Does Audi really think that people will be willing to pay more for an electric simply because it has their badge on it? This will also be their first fully electric model, and as a result the platform is unproven. With what Jaguar has packaged together in the I-Pace, I'm having a hard time understanding why anyone would go this route instead.
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At that price point I may as well go for the Jaguar I-Pace, which has been gaining praise since it has been released. That's going to be Audi's main competitor and they need to price their car similar to Jaguar's or risk losing the electric race.
It doesn't look like Audi got the memo that manufacturers are trying to bring cheaper electrics to market. I know there seems to be a growing demand for premium/luxury models, but you're taking a big risk by pricing yourself so much higher than the alternatives.
I know this concept originally had a lot of pre orders, but I wonder if that's changed with the reveal of its lower range. Might be hard to justify $100k on this when you go to a competitor and get better bang for your buck. They are putting a lot of faith in their nameplate.
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