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Available power as the battery goes low - etron gt rs

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I have had my etron gt rs in the garage numerous times for power failure, but never had the battery this low before.

Would you say this is normal, for anyone that has one? I wouldn't think at 1/4 battery you would lose 25% and then only 50% power available as soon as you get down to 40 miles?

Any help would be appreciated 馃榿

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I've noticed the power available depends on battery temperature when you get to a low SoC. If I've been driving for 2 hours and get to 20% SoC I usually still have close to 100% power available and then it gradually drops off. But other times, if very cold outside and/or combined with a shorter drive then the available power might have already dropped 25% by the time the battery gets to 20% SoC.
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If it helps for comparison, here's a pic showing around 23% SoC and still 100% power available after approx a 1hr motorway drive in cool outside temperatures.

I don't think I've ever seen anything as low as 50% power available at 20% SoC. Usually it only gradually starts to drop for me when the SoC is between 10 - 20%.

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Thank you for that, i appreciate your help on this. I will give them yet another call to hopefully resolve it!
As I was thinking you might like further comparisons, last night I thought I'd monitor my car closely and take some pics after a one hour mostly motorway drive.
First one you see the first hint of power limiting, at 18% battery.

By the time I'm home, with 9% battery, power is limited to 75%.
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