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One of the more interesting e-Tron reviews came out, this time from BMWBlog. I'm still committed to owning an e-Tron but reading into feedback from a BMW based blog can bring unique insight depending on the info you've seen so far. Snipped the first two paragraphs, follow the link for more.

"We’re a bit late to the e-tron party, we must admit. There have been quite a few test drives of the Audi e-tron — the brand’s first-ever electric car — across the globe already. However, we did finally get the change to give it a go just recently in some of the most beautiful areas of California.

The trip started out in San Francisco, where my plane landed. I was then put into the back of an e-tron and then shuttled up to Yountville, in the beautiful Napa Valley. It’s a decent drive from San Francisco to Yountville, which gave me the chance to review the car from the back seat; how quiet, comfortable and relaxing it is or isn’t."

full review:
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