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E-Tron climbs a ski slope

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As part of a demonstration of its new powertrain, the E-Tron has managed to climb the steepest section of Kitzbuhel's Streif downhill ski course in Austria. Audi did have to make some adjustments to the platform including a second electric motor on the rear axel, to make climbing this 85 percent gradient possible. They also made some changes to software and equipped it with 19 inch wheels with studded tires. Have a look at this impressive feat.
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I fear what inexperienced drivers will take from this and try on their own because in most cases it doesn't end well.
On that note do you think Audi will hold winter driving courses for its electric vehicles?
I don't know why they felt it necessary to exaggerate the incline with the angle of some of these shots. You can see a tow cord at various places throughout the video, but I'm guessing that was just done for safety reasons.
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