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e-tron Edition One video

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There hasn't been many good photos/videos of the Edition One yet so I thought I would share this video I found of the exterior.

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Great to see some high quality footage of it. Wonder why this model doesn't have the fancy new 'virtual' mirrors.
This video is from the Orange County, CA auto show. My guess is that as cool as the cameras were for the world premiere in San Francisco, they're now showing the mirrors that the US will actually get.

Also, this isn't a true Edition One because the headliner is black and it will ship with the light colored "Lunar Silver".

I don't really know how much interest there is going to be in those 'virtual' side mirrors. These things are already incredible expensive to replace, and I'm curious as to how they will hold up during the winter months.
they might be expensive right now but as more cars go autonomous they will become mainstream and thus reduced costs. anyone who gets a new car with it now might see higher insurance rates.
I'm all for smarter systems especially for the mass of drivers that still don't properly check their mirrors, any way to remove human error is a win in my books.
While placing less onus on the driver should help to make roadways safer, it certainly isn't going to make people better drivers. I know these virtual mirrors were originally designed to reduce drag, so I'm curious if there will be a noticeable difference in fuel economy in models equipped with them.
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