Bought a set of four BC Forged RZ10 wheels from @Audifan75. Had a change of plans.

From his original ad - These are custom made for E Tron GT. Custom offsets and center bores to BCs suggested specs for 9.5"x21" fronts, and 11.5"x21" rears. Match factory specs for the E Tron GT perfectly with offsets to provide a perfectly flush fitment. I had these mounted to the vehicle with 21" factory tires and decided to go for a completely different look so have these for sale. Wheels are Brushed Dark Black Tint - gorgeous color. Exact specs from the order in the images.

One wheel had the inside of the rim rubbed removing the finish when the tire was installed. BC Forged says the wheel is good to go and it’s non visible cosmetic damage. But I don’t want any disappointed buyers.

Included is a set of OEM wheel sensors and stems which cost $900. Part numbers: 5Q0907275F and 9P1601361E. They have not been installed but are included.

Local pickup only. Not interested in shipping.