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I will say the rearview & souround camera on the E-Tron GT is borderline unusable
How so? Mine works just fine, I've had surround view on my E350 since 2013 and the Audi implementation is no better nor worse than the Mercedes one.

No surprise. I’ll tell you what does have me moderately concerned is this. It’s not far-fetched to think that the current e-tron lineup could become a software orphan.
Honestly, I am quite disappointed with the way car manufacturers have migrated to the "we'll fix it later with a software upgrade" paradigm from the "build it once, build it right" mentality that they used to have.

As a customer, this is what I expect from a car: every feature work reliably and constantly from day one. Put in a phenomenal Android Auto and Apple Carplay integration that just works and ties to the dash, HUD and MMI display. Full stop.

There is nothing in a car that would require the manufacturer to deploy and implement new features, the hardware is fixed, the car related management and control surfaces are locked in. There should be no need for a software upgrade to add new things to a car. Apple and Google have done a great job with their vehicle integration, let them do the rest of the heavy lifting. I don't need Alexa integration in my car, I don't need Spotify in a MMI sub-menu. I just need a rock solid AA/Carplay integration for all the navigation and media interfacing.

Also note, car manufacturers have stopped being car manufacturers a long time ago. They're huge logistics firms and technology integrators. Rather than define the components, they purchase sub-solutions from vendors that they integrate into a cohesive amalgamation that can roll down the road. And quite frankly they suck at the integration of parts. This is why your dashboard gets erroneous warnings from sub-components that are most of the time a result of a race conditions, bad timing, improper retries or just bad communication on the CAN-BUS. The integration testers simply failed to run the tests that were required of them and the integrators wrote poor code.

Car manufacturers are at the mercy of Bosch, Denso, Continental, Magna and the list goes on... Manufacturers have lost the upper hand in this battle and they are failing at their new job.
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