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*AC Malfunction
*Intermittent outage of backup/surround camera
*Ignition not consistently starting on initial attempts.

Within 2 days of leasing a new 2019 Audi e-tron I received an error message "There is a malfunction in the auxiliary air conditioning" when attempting to turn on the AC. In 90+ degree weather you can imagine this was more than a slight inconvenience. Of course this happened on a Saturday.... I took the car in to the Audi dealership on Monday and found out that a fuse had blown causing the malfunction, and in order to repair it the battery had to be removed from the vehicle to access the area for repair. Unfortunately my local Audi dealership that sold the vehicle to me did not have the required lift built to be able to perform the work and my vehicle had to be towed 100 miles to another dealership for repair. After 26 days at the dealership my vehicle was repaired (the fuse along with the compressor and one other piece of equipment believed to have caused the AC malfunction).

After receiving my vehicle back, and driving for the 2nd time now my back-up/surround cameras stopped working. I parked my car, got out and back in to test this 3 times and still no cameras. Finally after exiting the vehicle and waiting approximately 30 minutes and returning now the cameras show again....

All the meanwhile, multiple times when attempting to start the car, the vehicle does not start up with the first attempt at pressing the ignition and break pedal. Every time, I do it a 2nd time and the vehicle starts correctly with no problem. At first, I questioned myself as to if I had not pressed the break pedal fully, had not pressed the start/stop button long enough, or had maybe pressed the button before engaging the break pedal. But I have tested it repeatedly and while it isn't happening every time I start the car, it is frequently enough to make it a concerning issue.

I want to love this vehicle but after having it back for 2 days and already having additional issues I am having serious safety/reliability concerns. Curious if anyone out there is having similar issues?
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