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E-tron to get Sportback variant in 2019

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Audi has a Sportback variant of the E-Tron scheduled for debut in 2019, though they haven't shared many details about it. We can expect something along the lines of an SUV 'coupe' body style alike what BMW has done with the X6 or Mercs GLE Coupe. I expect that it will be nearly identical to the regular model aside from shape and price.
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I like what i'm hearing especially after seeing the Jaguar I-Pace in person at an autoshow last year. Audi has greater reach in terms of components and overall features they can include.
Certainly isn't taking long for EV's to switch their focus from utility to aesthetics and performance. Guess that's to be expected from premium brands who have a plethora of platforms to choose from. Lets just hope enough is done to distinguish these upcoming variants from one another.
Slowly I expect the lines between SUV and hatchback to become more blurred, and we've already seen that with models like the new X2 and GLA. Most people driving around in full size SUV's rarely utilize their full capabilities.
At one point Infiniti wanted to offer ride height control to give folks the option of having the best of both worlds, hatch and CUV. I would like to see Mercedes and BMW offer that.
Increased ride height and an AWD setup seem to be the focus with all these new All Road/ All Track models that we've been seeing from VW and Audi. Even Porsche is getting on board with the Cross Turismo version of the Taycan.
the real game changer for me are the active suspension systems that make these feel like you're riding on a cloud, even when on trails.
I'm actually surprised at how well some of the newer electric SUV's have been fairing during off road tests, namely the new I-Pace. Although most owners will probably never take it off the pavement, it is reassuring to know that an electric powertrain is just as capable in the dirt.
I actually can't wait for durability test that show how they hold up. Tesla's attention to detail is beyond industry norms.
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