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E-Tron will be built in carbon neutral facility

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It looks like Audi be building the new E-Tron SUV at a new carbon neutral facility in Brussels. Production is expected to begin before the end of 2018. The new plant will have 95 of its production processes, powered by renewable energies. Around 400,000 square feet of the facilities roof will be covered in solar panels, and renewable biogas will be used for heating. Its great to see Audi having a vested interest in reducing their carbon footprint, as they were the first premium manufacturer to have it measured and certified.
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There were people who mentioned that electric cars aren't all that green when you take the energy used when producing them, and this should go a long way in partially refuting their claims. We don't know if the factories supplying the parts to Audi are carbon neutral, but at least the main assembly plant is.
It's great to see that Audi is already implementing green initiatives for their EV production. I do know that the sourcing of the rare earth metals used in the batteries of electric cars is still incredibly harmful to the environment however.
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