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Europe E-Tron deliveries start this fall

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With some ordering books opening recently and it set to go on sale in either June or July, I suppose delivery dates were close behind. Deliveries of the 2019 Audi e-tron should start in Europe this fall. That's what Automotive News is saying. New 2018 Audi e-tron: all-electric SUV nearing autumn release | Auto Express
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Glad to see that this is going to be the case but its still too bad that we haven't seen enough test mules driving around because at this rate we should have at least seen a few. Even some preproduction models depending on who you ask.
If the Audi E-tron is going on sale this summer with deliveries starting this fall, I assume we'll see it debut in the next few months if Audi wants to stick to that timeline.
That should mean that at this years upcoming Geneva show we should see something, if not it will just be some private event. Geneva however has always been the main stage for brands like Audi's and products like this E-Tron. Thoughts?
If they actually plan on sticking to the fall delivery date, then they will have to do a full reveal in the upcoming weeks. It sure looks like its going to be a stiff race amongst automakers to be the first to market with an EV SUV. Seeing as how Mercedes also has plans for a 2019 EQ release, any delays in reveal or production could make or break their success. I have a good feeling that this years Geneva will be an EV showdown.
Again that points to Geneva.
Looking back at Audi test mules that have been surfacing I think one of them might have been a disguised E-Tron. Car makers do it from time to time and don't always make disguised cars look like obvious disguised cars.
As far as I know, Audi could be debuting the new A6 alongside the RS4. Outside of that I haven't heard much, though I'm hoping to see the E-Tron there as well. The debut could be delayed if Audi decides to host their own unveiling event.
They have been due for an EV or some greener sporty product so who knows, maybe that's part of it as well. The platfrom an A6 could be based on is great for it. They better be on because BMW already is.
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