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2021 e-tron Prestige
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So let's just say I was excited to see the launch of Volvo's XC40 Recharge when they had the only concept car at Dreamforce in 2019 - immediately test drove to ensure XC40 sizing would work on the gas versions and put a deposit down. Fast Forward:
  • Configurations done October 2020
  • Built in January 2021
  • Shipped February 2021
  • NHTSA Recall #1
  • Software Update for Volvo on Call
  • Software Update for Heat Pump configuration

Long story short - Volvo couldn't release cars - mine that was on order is still sitting at the port - both Corporate and Dealerships are clueless and not passing on information. And there was no compensation being offered for the massive delays yet dealers where selling demo cars against corporate restrictions.

Having sold my previous car expecting delivery - test drove both the Ford Mach-E and the Audi e-tron.
e-tron won out on fit and finish and being more established, but now was the game of getting a car.
Dealer family that bought my car had first dibs, but forgot to mentioned incentives, and then came trying to source a car.
Doing the job of the Brand Specialist, found one at nearby dealer that was in transit. They told originally dealer it was spoken for, but it wasn't.
Got the new dealer to match the offer and that car now has my deposit, just waiting for it to arrive which was supposed to have been last week.

Excited to FINALLY be at the end of this saga and going to enjoy being part of the Audi family, luckily we are well prepared and just installed the ChargePoint in expecting an EV.
Just saw the new Q4 e-tron will have Sonos system which gets me excited for the future.
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