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Hello All;

I have been wondering how some factors impact the efficiency of the GT. Obviously, driving style, distance, city/urban/rural roads, etc. all impact the vehicle's efficiency.

Based on the driving data from the Audi app, I plotted the following chart. Based on my driving style, roads, etc. it appears to me that the number one factor is probably ambient temp.

Rectangle Product Slope Plot Font

I bought the vehicle at the end of November 2021. December through March are the coldest months in Maryland, and it was a typical winter for us this year, except maybe the snowfall totals were less than average. I am not sure why I drove less in April, cannot recall a particular reason. Starting in April the weather temps increased, and June through the end of July were hot and humid.

My driving mostly involves suburban roads and interstates. Very little city traffic. I can also state that a large majority of the time, I had either the heater or chiller on in the car. I am also a rather calm and steady driver, don't do any street racing or aggressive driving.

Any thoughts or similar data to share?
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