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It looks like some of the first Audi e-tron deliveries in the US are happening right now.

According to avid EV enthusiast Dennis Clark (a tipster of ours) his local dealership in Seattle just received their first shipment of e-trons for anyone who pre-ordered theirs.

He was contacted by Audi Seattle who informed him that because of his deposit he's available to pick up one of the pre-spec'd e-trons.

Knowing that a production delay (battery based) has been impacting the factory in Europe, he decided to ask and see how long it would take to get a custom ordered e-tron. The spokesperson for Audi Seattle of informed him that the delay would be six months.

The e-tron hasn't been able to catch a break, with numerous delays, including this latest one. Those who pre-ordered the car are also expressing a lack of enthusiasm with the car's EPA rated range of just 204 miles - quite a bit less than expected.
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