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Greetings. Taking advantage of e-tron GT incentives and joining the EV journey

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After my recent encounter with a rock and the overheating of my 2015 S6 I decided it was time to part ways.

I took advantage of the incentives on a 2023 e-tron GT and decide to dip a toe into the EV pool.
The specs are "near" perfect: ;)
2023 Audi e-tron GT
Premium Plus
Daytona Gray
Performance package
Full Leather (Black)
Executive package
I say "near" perfect since a Prestige with the same options would be perfect since my old car had HUD and 360 camera and I would have like the insulated glass, but life is full of compromises and there are worse things. The driving experience will be just as good without those options. :)

Anyway, I hope to be a helpful contributor but it might take me some time to learn the nuances of the vehicle.
I definitely have range anxiety, but I am currently in a position where it is not a critical deterrent.

If I had any first questions for anyone reading they would be:
-real world 80% range?
-my estimate is 180 miles but I would not want to get too low either, so really like 140ish maybe?

-tire wear
-since this is such a heavy car and electric acceleration might be intoxicating what is anyone seeing on treadlife. The dealer thinks they will last 3 years (yeh right) I read that someone only got 15k miles out of a set of tires! I'm use to 20-25k miles on performance tires for my S6 but 15k is very weak.

-sunroof heat
-any issue there?
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Welcome to the club! I joined back in Dec 2022 and I have a 2022 RS e-tron GT.

Regarding range... now that the weather has started warming up I'm averaging around 224-227 miles at 80% SOC but during the winter I was averaging around 110-120 miles of range at 80% SOC. Also, I'm currently averaging around 2.5-3.0 M/Kw with most of my trips being 10 miles or less round trip and according to the MyAudi app I'm currently sitting at a 52% SOC with 145 miles left.

As far as the tires go, I really can't speak to that since I still only have just over 2,000 miles on my car. I've seen everything from 7,500 - 20K miles though depending on how you drive.

I also don't have a sunroof so I can't speak to that one either.
Hey gk1. Welcome to the dark side! I've seen many posts from you on the S6 forum. I got sick of the maintenance issues (and costs) and got myself a 2023 etron GT a few weeks ago. Absolutely zero regrets moving on from the S6.

Your spec is pretty similar to mine, except my car is black.
  1. Range: I typically get about 220 miles at 80% charge now. I get about 3 miles / kWh efficiency during highway cruising. Range continually increased during my first month with the car.
  2. Tire wear: can't comment on that, but I am concerned. I managed to bargain a set of winters and summers out of the dealer, so I should be below 15K miles on each by the end of my lease. I've heard many Teslas getting around 15-20K miles on a set.
  3. Sunroof heat: Also concerned there. So far in mid 70s and sunny, it was perfectly comfortable. Not sure how it will hold up on a 100 degree day, but the AC seems pretty strong in this car.
Thanks for the response.

220 at 80% sounds pretty good to me, I was planning on more like 180 miles. That extra 40 is one more round trip to work.

Tire wear - ugh- well I guess I can't get around that, I'll have winters too, but still. I was hoping for A/S but the Perf pack switches to summers.

Glad to hear about the sunroof heat. It may sound stupid, but worst case I'll see if I can get a collapsible cover of some sort or have it tinted darker.
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