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Hi all
I'm considering changing my 2019 BMW 8 Series coupe for an E-tron GT.
My current car is a massive spec and there are a couple of things I wanted to check on.
I have two questions and would be so grateful for input:
1) With the Tour pack (adaptive cruise) does the car steer itself too (as the BMW does)? This makes long drives so effortless and I'd really miss it having got used to it!

2) Without going to the Vursprung spec I gather one cannot have 4 wheel steering (another thing I LOVE in my BMW as it makes the nearly 5m long car super agile in small spaces.)
The GT is also a big car. How easy is it to live with WITHOUT the 4 wheel steering? Is it a struggle in tight car parks etc?
Thanks so much!馃檹
This is exactly the switch I made, I can tell you the BMW adaptive cruise is far better than Audi鈥檚. I choose the tour pack for the same reason and while I鈥檓 glad I have it, it definitely doesn鈥檛 steer as well, it bounces around the lane a little and just doesn鈥檛 give the same confidence the BMW does. In my 8 series I also had auto lane change enabled (via coding) where just tapping the indicator would make the car change lane when it was safe to do so, no such thing on the Audi.

Regarding the 4 wheel steering, I didn鈥檛 option it on the GT but it has a pretty decent turning circle so not an issue with parking etc but I do feel it likely would help on windy back roads especially with extra weight of the GT.

For me the GT does feel a step backwards in terms of infotainment tech, but I wanted an EV comparable to the 8 series and BMW has nothing, the i4 felt too much like a downgrade.

Mine was a very high specced 8 series too, albeit and 840d, the GT feels a bit cheaper on the inside, but still no regrets for now. I would recommend getting the Sport Sound (or whatever they call it) as it adds a bit of personality to the car, Let me know if there鈥檚 anything else you need to know as I know the 8 series pretty well.

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To add to the 4-wheel steering conversation, my GT doesn't have it and I've been traveling along the silly little West country lanes in Devon and Cornwall during the last couple of months, swiftly enough to upset the wife. The car remained planted and responsive. At no time while driving or manoeuvring into tight spots or past oncoming traffic have I regretted not specifying it.

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I鈥檓 glad those who didn鈥檛 spec 4 wheel steering are still happy and appreciate how nimble the car is without.
However, i have to say it鈥檚 a game changer and now that I have it, I would spec it any larger car where it鈥檚 an option that I own. It really allows this massive car to do some amazing things.
It also makes its exponentially easier to maneuver in small spaces and lots as well.
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