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How the E-Tron fares off road

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Audi decided to take some earlier prototypes to the Kalahari desert to prove just how well the E-Tron handles dirt or gravel surfaces with their incredible Quattro awd system. Wheel slip control is faster than ever before and there will not only be different settings for stability control but there will also be 7 different profiles to alter the dynamic handling system.
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If you look at the capabilities of what JLR has achieved in the I-Pace, I think it's realistic to expect that Merc will deliver a product that does just as well off pavement. I don't think and EV is really viable off road in anything other than short bursts though, as it would probably have a big impact on your range.
Similar to what we see with traditional SUV's, I doubt that many owners will ever be taking their E-Tron on any serious trails. If anything these kinds of features will just make it solid performer for the winter, though we don't know what the hit to its range will be from the cold alone.
I'm only a fan of these tests as a high benchmark test so in those every day situations our confidence can be at an all time high.
Now lets just hope that the colder winter weather doesn't cut the range by a large margin. I think on average with newer EV's its around 15-20%. And we've seen even higher than that on the new Model 3.
the demographic of owners buying these will often have them indoors so already that's an advantage on top of range already exceeding what most need
Lol what? Storing you car indoors while not in use isn't going to decrease the range loss while driving it. There are reports from owners of the Model 3 that range is down 42%. That's far from acceptable.
Ideal climate conditions in your garage aren't a big factor but its part of a number of things owners can, some people just park outdoors and that's not a great approach.
Range loss in the winter is unavoidable, and batteries are never going to like extreme temperatures in either direction. But for most new EV's the average range is now above 250 miles, so the loss is becoming less of an issue.
Average American drives 35 miles a day. Say we get a 50% loss at worse, its still well exceeds what we actually need. Enough to keep range anxiety well at bay.
Range anxiety its really only something that we see in North America, where its been largely exaggerated. There were plenty of first adopters of early generation Leafs, with sub 100 miles that had no issues making daily commutes.
I see some truth to that, numbers are a big deal to a lot of people and finding a product that goes high is perceived to be better. Which shouldn't entirely be the case.
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