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Is it good to install wheel spacers on Audi? what are the safety risks?

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The most mentioned in the car modification is the installation of wheel spacers. The installation of wheel spacers not only makes the car look fuller, but also greatly improves the stability of the vehicle

The hidden danger is that if the wheel spacer screws are loose and broken, the wheels will fall off. The probability is very low, and the old driver can feel the wheels swing after the screws are loose, and stopping in time can avoid accidents. However, the installation of poor quality wheel spacers is more harmful, for example, the screws are not loose and broken, but the flanges are broken due to insufficient strength! At this time, the wheels must be flying out, and the vehicle is in danger of getting out of control.

The purpose of wheel spacer mounting is to increase the wheelbase of the car, or replace the wheel hub you like through the adapter wheel spacer. The biggest benefit of the increased wheelbase of the car is increased stability and better handling. It can solve the problems of vehicle roll drift caused by high-speed driving and cornering. The car runs more smoothly and the comfort is improved.
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Changing the offset changes the steering geometry, so I would not go as far as say "greatly improves the stability of the vehicle" as it can have deleterious affects if not carefully considered.

If a different offset increases stability, don't you think the mfg would have spec'd the different offset?
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