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I live near a school and as such it is a lot easier reversing on the drive than it is reversing off of it - especially at the times I am going out (always when kids are being dropped off / picked up).

My driveway is at the front of the house and I also have a flowerbed between house and the driveway where I could park this.

Would someone be so kind as to measure the dimensions A and C above from the charging connection point to the back / front of the car respectively.

Due to the way I can park by my house on my drive and where I am considering putting the charger could you also let me know measurements B and D from the edge of the tyre to the rear / front of the car.

Many thanks - this will help me work out how long a cable I need to consider - I am hoping to be able to get away with the 7 metres tethered pod point cable, depending on measurements

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