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So far, I love it. I finally got home charging setup - the PlugShare iOS app saved my butt many times prior to being able to charge-up at home. Overall, I love the car though I have a few minor complaints:
1) The MMI touch response system is really good - though it froze on me a couple times just after starting the vehicle. Restarting the vehicle solved the problem.
2) I wanted the tow package but it wasn't available at my dealer with the options I want. I'm told the dealer will have a tow package they can install for $2-3K sometime in October or November. I'll probably go for that option.
3) I wish the app and the in-car user experience provided more details on energy consumption.
4) My electrician installed my ChargePoint home charging system with the outlet right next to the charging system. Thus, eliminating the possibility of wrapping the wire around the charging system. Don't let your electrician do this! I'm not sure if I'm going to have him redo it.

Does anyone know if Audi has a beta program whereby I can signup for advanced access to software updates in return for providing feedback?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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