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2021 Sportback Siam Beige
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Hello folks. I'm a new member from Orangeville Ontario Canada - 80 KM from Toronto.

I'm a seasoned EV driver, coming from a 2015 Tesla Model S 85D. I was on the Board of the Tesla Owners Club of Ontario, so I'm vested in electric vehicles. I should receive my Sportback in May 2021. I'm gassed to be getting it. Coming from a background of free Supercharging, I really hope that Electrify Canada/America continues it's expansion of HVDC stations.

Personally, I'm a former executive in the electrical industry (please feel free to ask me electrical installation questions), and now own an equestrian eventing facility, Silver Fox Farm, in Mono Ontario. The farm has a listed EVSE on PlugShare Please feel free to visit! PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You
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