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2019 Audi e-tron Launch Edition 55
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Since I first received the e-Tron I’ve been really aware of the gloss black plastic trim around the car that seems to take one look at a microfibre cloth and then break out in a rash of fine scratches!

There’s plenty of advice generally about using plush cloths with a bit of moisture to pick up any dust particles during a gentle wipe but the angle of the panel to the side of the MMI points directly at the driver. So bright low angle sun from the rear of the car will highlight every tiny little speck and scratch, which for me was an irresistible recipe to keep dusting.

Here’s a slightly artificially lit view (camera phone light) at just the right angle to show the result:


Given the value of the car I didn’t want to jump in with anything aggressive, but everything I used that claimed to be non abrasive just seemed to cause swirl and haziness, either when using a soft cloth or sponge applicator.

After looking online at some of the car detailing guys (YouTube has a good example here) I decided that there was an option which might work - if I learned the right method and went carefully.

I picked up the following things below, which pretty much did the job perfectly:


The handheld polisher is from Liquid Elements (A1000), using KKD black 1.5” pads, along with Car Pro Essence primer. If you need a one stop shop you can buy everything here.


I did a lot of practising with a pair of gloss plastic sunglass frames until I got a feel for how long to work a scratched area (before risking blowing through the clear coat into the paint) but this was more a pressure issue with too high a speed initially.

Actually just about 30 seconds total polishing with very little compound was required, two short passes on lowest speed - with a switch out of polishing foam pad half way through to avoid buildup of residue.

Here’s the end result, I’m totally happy with it - I can’t see a single defect looking very close up but I’ll give it a while before judging the final effect.


I can provide individual links for the products if you can’t find them, but I did plenty of research and talking to people before hand to make sure I wasn’t going to do something stupid.

Maybe this is common knowledge to people who are detailers but this is a new area for me. Perhaps you’ve already done similar with different or even better results?

I’m considering how many times it’s possible to do a light touch up like this before too much of the top coat is removed, so this won’t be done very often unless someone can tell me differently. There’s other films or wraps available that could be applied to stop scratching but I don’t know how well they’ll look.
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