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Hi folks! I just wanted to give everybody a quick heads up that we've been doing some minor housekeeping by moving posts to more appropriate sub-forums, as "General" was getting a bit crowded. In some cases, we may also merge existing threads if they are the same topic. Although that should be less common as it can add confusion with timestamps for older stuff. Depending on your forum notifications settings, there will be a notification to the OP, participants, and a temporary redirect to help find the post or thread's new home.

As the forum is growing, we do kindly request that new threads are posted in their correct sub-forums (if available) for better visibility, organization, and future browsing. And as always, we do strongly encourage using the Search function first to avoid duplicate content.

Your help in this regard is much appreciated. If any questions or concerns, you can reply here, or reach out to the forum mods.

Thank You and happy posting!
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