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Hi, just saying hello for now.

I took delivery of my new Q8 Etron 50 Black Edition at the end of March.

This is my first EV having moved from a 2019 VW Touareg R Line.

Despite being a petrolhead, first impressions have been great. The move to an EV has been relatively painless. The car is loaded with tech, albeit feels heavy yet surprisingly agile on the road. I don’t miss my old V6 diesel which surprised me.

Honeymoon period has been short lived however with the car developing an intermittent fault where it either refuses to accept a charge or it fails early in the charging process. On each occasion the fault follows car despite using different charging points, regardless of speed, tethered or untethered. This also coincides with the ‘Charging System Fault’ being registered on the car.

So far the main dealer has concluded ‘no fault found’ as they were able to fully charge the vehicle whilst being assessed with nothing being revealed by their diagnostics either.

It’s back with me for the time being, albeit not able to use the car as intended (main family car) due to having been caught out with young family in the car when travelling back from longer journeys.

Shame, as beneath this it’s a great car that functions well. Looks great too, particularly with roof box.

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interesting issue that the dealer cant replicate.
what real world range are you getting?
Fault wise I suspect they are time bound for the job whilst in their workshop. They offered to keep the car and allow their lead technician to use it for his daily commute for a few days (circa 100 miles per day) which I can’t say I was very impressed with.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the range which consistently shows as circa 240 with mixed driving. Sure, there are EV’s with better range albeit my average daily miles don’t tend to exceed 50, and would max out at 100 unless it’s a family holiday / road trip. For me, the range is a bit like driving around with half a tank of fuel. Which on the majority of occasions, is absolutely fine.
I wouldnt be impressed either, can they provide a like for like loaner?

240miles being +380kms in spring weather......thanks for the info.
Daft question alert and apologies if you've already looked at this (I suspect you have) but is there a timer set in the app/car for a charging schedule? I'm guessing not but I had a large system fault on my GT a while ago but hadn't realised at the time that there was a rogue timer scheduled in the background (and specifically on my home charger it was set to a specific time so displayed a fault until that scheduled charge time commenced)...
No such thing as a daft question, or at least it’s one that Audi never thought to ask :)
It does have the ability to schedule charging but nothing was set up in the car.
Ah ok fair play, just wondered if it was the timer on the car that was generating that charge fault if you weren’t in its charging window.
I know on the GT there was a recall for a part on the charging flap (manually opens and closes on the GT rather than the motorised one on the etron/Q8 etron…

One more daft question, are you getting the same charge fault regardless of which side of the car that the charging cable is plugged into?
I use an e-tron 50 SUV. There were compatibility issues with this car and Pod Point 'chargers' early on but I believe that these have all been sorted. While this is not necessarily much help to you, I am suggesting that problems found on one type of charger may not be replicated on another.

As part of the troubleshooting process, dumb down both the car's and the charger's settings - i.e. both always on - to see if the fault persists. My model e-tron has excellent charging options but they could interfere with the process and vise versa with the charger. If this does sort things, try re-enabling only the setting that you want.

A screenshot from the app with the fault showing may help diagnostics.
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