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I have a beautiful Audi E-tron for a week now.

The first 4 days the starting range, with full batteries, was 330 KM

The last 2 days it is only 286 KM.

There has been no big temperature drop, the only reason I can think of.

Does anyone know what the reason for this range drop is?

Thank you!

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Hi govi,

I am assuming the range you mention is the range displayed on the virtual cockpit. In my understanding this is calculated based on your driving style. I guess the default setting is very optimistic and gets more reliable with time.
From my limited experience having tested on a full day - with temp < 10°C, it seems it is quite hard to have an average consumption below 30kWh/100km and as no the full 95kWh of the pack are available (I’ve read somewhere that only 88% of it is available) a range below 300km sounds «*ok*».

IMHO this is well balanced with the blazing fast DC charging if you are close to a 150+kW station and if your daily commute does not exceed 200km you can do all your charging at home or work in a reasonable time.

Hope you are enjoying your new baby though. I personally almost sure to order one in the coming


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