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Rear lights LED

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When buying my Audi Q4 e-tron 40 Sportback it was my option not to install the Matrix led lights package from the factory and I just chose to install the lights package inside.
In this option, I had no idea that in the rear lights only the two small LED bars lit up, and that it didn't light up in the middle and also on the Audi logo on the sides of the taillights.
So, I believe the rear lights are only active for those who buy the Matrix led light package.
Do you know if there are any upgrades that can be purchased/programmed to allow these new functions?
I would like the rear light cluster to be upgraded or activated if you have the led lights installed but not active.
Has anyone on this Forum have this question or knows the answer?
Thank you very much.
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We're you able to find an option for this?
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