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Hello everyone!

We have been enjoying our E TEUTON for the past year a 2019 former Mobility Dealer vehicle that had 5.5K mi when we got it and just rolled 24.7K mi today - yes over 19K mi (or 30,4K km over the pond) in a COVID year! Not all was 100% all the time, but our SoCal Audi dealer "listened" to us and after couple extra visits on top of regular, by now, recalls we were happy driving our smooth German machine. One of the trips to shop [about 7k mi ago] was for replacing about 12 battery cell modules (of the 36 the battery has), [the range was 145 miles max with 12 modules down] - it took about 5 weeks due to parts, Li-ion, shipped by boat from Poland (we're told the "surgery" was the first of sorts on the south west coast), but once replaced and full battery re-balanced, we were back in normal ~200+ mi range. Throughout these 5 weeks we got an eTron Premium Plus vs our Prestige; it felt lighter - yea no dual pans windows, smaller rims and a lack of miriad of other gadgets, but with better mi/kWh driven by the same folks similarly.... so it is true, the Prestige is the elektron guzzler!

Now, to the reason I'm writing: after last recall I have seen an issue pop up - the Regen Gage on the dash - the one that is showing with opposite graphics to acceleration when you are regen braking how hard you do it - when the battery is fully charged to 100% ( long range ) it shows now "decayed" range, just about 1/3 of the full regen range. And since when we get out from our driveway into the neighborhood road, we're facing a 20% slope downhill, what used to be a healthy regen before, when the range was full with a full battery (and now only if we're only 80% or below battery SoC, the regen range is full and same smooth downhill) in this 1/3 regen range situation, the regen is barely happening. Due to that, when lightly tapping break pedal to slow down the 5500 lbs monster towards the end of the 150 yards downhill, the regular breaks are grabbing in a pulsating fashion... unnerving at times. If the break pedal is pressed harder there is no pulsating, but the car slows to a crawl which is not what I really want - in short, the transition from regen to regular breaking it is"rough", in one word. It acts as the mechanical regular break system is expecting more from regen breaking and that does not happen.

Please see attached pictures below with notations for regen GUI.

My hunch is, that again, I do not have the full 95 kWh battery with 83.6 kWh allowed to be used [11.4 hWh kept in reserve]. I have somewhere about only 88 kWh at best and hence the 11.4 kWh that would allow for headroom with full regen range even at 100% battery charged [ should be 83.6 kWh for 100% charged] now with only 4.4 kWh headroom it would be about 1/3 of the regen range which is what it shows.... To amplify this is the fact that once I drive from the 100% SoC towards 83% SoC the regen range "grows" to full availability, which will allow for a "headroom" of full 11.4 kWh and more by now....
Oh, one more thing that makes the 88 kWh size plausible is that since this happened the most we were able to get our of a full 100% charge, in CA at outside thempretures above 60F, with max speed under 70 mph and very conservatively driven [averaging 2.4 mi/kWh] was only 184 mi (vs 204 to 210 in same conditions previously). So, 184mi / 2.4mi/kWh = 76.8 kWh this would be the allowed max usage if the battery is 88 kWh and the system still keeps 11.4 kWh in reserve...

So the ~ 8 kWh "missing" are about 3 modules of 2.6 kWh. Do I have again modules going out?... looks like.

Anyone else experienced something similar?

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