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Remote park assist

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Hi all,

There’s a lot of discussion on the forum about park assist plus (the system for when you’re inside the vehicle) but I’ve found little to nothing, regarding remote park assist (for when you want to park the car or pull out of a spot from outside the vehicle)
The GT owners manual is very detailed for the former, but even the details are spotty at best for the latter. It doesn’t show what the screen should look like when engaged in the mode and speaks nothing of functionality.

There’s one YouTube video of a guy with an RS parking his car, but the glare on his phone screen renders that video somewhat useless.
I’ve used this feature a couple of times and my primary issue is that it’s really good at pulling the car forward and backwards, but it’s supposed to also allow the car to turn left, right, etc. Out of the space.
However, every time I’ve tried to use it those arrows appear but are never active and I can’t get the car to do anything other than drive straight in either direction.
I’m curious if any of you who have this feature use it, and if so, do you have full capabilities or are you encountering the same limitations as me?

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I have it, but i use it just for fun or if i have to unload something big from the trunk and then just let it drive straight back into the space. To be honest it just takes too long time in my opinion for a busy car park.
But yes when i use it it gives me the full capabilities as options.
Thanks for sharing your experience. And agree it’s not something I typically use as it’s a lot faster to just park it, it’s more to just show off the feature to friends or the rare instance I’d be Parked in a tight spot. People are impressed to see the car move without anyone in it lol

Judging by the heavy views but lack of replies, this must not be a feature a lot of people have or ever use.
It is pretty cool if it were to work to full capability; I’ll have to ask my SA next time I’m at the dealer.
The app typically shows me the arrows (front, back, left, right) but when I go to try and press is only allows me to use front or back, which is probably why I don’t use it as often, either.
Good to hear it has full functionality for you and is specific to my set up.
I have a 2023 RS etron GT and cannot get the Remote Park Assist to connect in myAudi app. It says to "move closer" but that doesn't work. Audi customer experience has been useless. They keep referring to Tier 2, but there is no one to talk to. The dealer can't help. They have to get answers from Tier 2, as well. I had a 2022 etron GT (before I upgraded to the RS) and Remote Park Assist worked fine. Everything else works with myAudi app (i.e., remote lock/unlock, remote climate control). It's definitely a first world problem, but, it would be nice if it worked.
This is one of those issues, it seems like not enough people have cared about to make a fuss, so Audi has very little incentive to improve upon it. Amongst all the other software issues we’ve experienced as owners.
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