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Only thing I found interesting about this video, when he was discussing level 1 and 2 charge times, he made it seem like it was a limit of the car that it would take 70 (or whatever number he quoted) hours to charge via level 1, when it would be the same speed no matter the car.

it’s a mathematical equation, not a limit of the car. 1-1.5 kWh on a 110 v outlet with a 15 A circuit.
He quoted 55 hours for L1 from 0-100% SoC. It's not that simple to know without some testing. Not every brand of vehicle is the same. There are at least 3 unknowns which are:
  • The AC-to-DC conversion efficiency.
  • The vehicle power usage while charging.
  • The temperature - which will affect mainly the bullet above because there may be significant battery heating or cooling needed.
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