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the 3-motor e-tron

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If any of you were wishing for an e-tron with more power this might be the moment you were waiting for.
According to this article a three-motor is in the works, apparently here under extreme weather testing. Just from a competitive stand point it was given that Audi had to go this route but details are scarce. As soon as more information becomes available i'll post about it here.

Details about said model are scarce but Audi itself may have offered a clue about it last week when it announced that a modified e-tron had climbed a ski slope with an 85-percent gradient. That particular vehicle featured extensive modifications including an additional electric motor to the existing two.

Equipped with two motors on the rear axle and one on the front, the prototype had a combined output of 370 kW (503 PS/496 hp) — almost 100 hp more than the standard e-tron. It remains to be seen whether the production version will feature the same three-motor setup. Along with the added muscle, the upcoming e-tron version is also expected to get a slightly sportier appearance.

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My guess is that an extra electric motor could be used on whatever the equivalent of the RS models will be for their electrics. Due to the modular nature of these platforms it wouldn't be very expensive for them to produce and that's a significant power bump over the standard model.
We saw this same powertrain configuration on that test model that climbed the ski slope in Austria. There hasn't been any indication from Audi that it will be an option on a production model, but as you've said there isn't much involved in adding it.
Porsche has plans to go all-electric as well with an many models as possible, only stopping or slowing down the adoption on models that it would be problematic with (i.e. 911, 718).
So that leaves out the Macan and Cayenne that should share a lot with this 3-motor.
Porsche has already been establishing foothold in this segment with their E-Hybrid variants. With the amount of success that models like the Macan and Cayenne have seen, purely electric versions could become some of their best sellers.
I agree.

Those existing products like the e-Cayenne were great for testing the waters but none will really win people over like the Taycan that has been engineered from the ground up. Cayenne was essentially upfitted.
The e-tron GT is looking equally impressive and its built upon the exact same platform as its Porsche cousin. Choosing between all these new upcoming electric variants is mostly going to come down to badge preference and familiarity.
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