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Just got our nicely specced 2021 eTron - range is not really competitive on the 50 and one of the neighbours ICEd our street charging spot the first time we popped out, but absolutely loving it so far.

Most of the time it’s doing school runs, but we’re a family that loves the beach on our UK holidays and since this is our first new car we would like to take care of it.

In the past we’ve got into our old cars in wet suits and sat on towels rather than change at the beach. Even changing at the beach would introduce damp towels, wetsuits and sand. We’d usually just vacuum when we returned and for the most part on our old cars that’s ok.

We have full leather and I’d like to get some waterproof seat covers this year as a minimum. Maybe a boot protector. I don’t want to spend a fortune for one week a year’s use if I can help it but they need to work.

Most of the offerings I’m seeing online look generic. That’s probably ok for the front seats, but the rear seats would need to be;
- the right width
- cover the weird sized headrests
- have correct hole placements for the seatbelts

anyone else use ghastly 70s seat covers on their etron and can offer a recommendation?
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