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What is the itm1 icon supposed to indicate? 2022 e-tron

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It is for integrated tollbooth responder.
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Human nature's interesting...
The post's title is 'What is the itm1 icon supposed to indicate? 2022 e-tron'
Were I to pose the question, I'd say, 'What does the itm1 icon indicate? 2022 e-tron'
It may seem a subtle difference but the premise of the OP's question is that, because he/she does not know what the icon means, the icon is flawed in some way. Whereas my question acknowledges that the icon itself is confident in its own existence but I'm seeking to understand it.
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I've no problem whatsoever understanding the OP's question. This isn't an English grammar forum but a car forum! No, Ph.D. in English is required.
If you were to write technical instructions for the production floor, nobody there would understand you.

The subject is the iTm1 icon. Where else do the icons reside in a vehicle?
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